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Cardinal Transcripts

What is a Cardinal Transcript?
The Cardinal Transcript, or Co-Curricular Transcript, is an official record of the co-curricular involvement and accomplishments of the undergraduate student.

How does it work?
Official copies of the Cardinal Transcript are used to complement your resume and academic transcript for applications to graduate school and prospective employers. Throughout each semester the various departments on campus with which a student is affiliated for co-curricular involvement, leadership experiences, and other accomplishments compile the involvement data for students and add it to a student's Cardinal Transcript.

Why should I care about my Cardinal Transcript?
Catholic University fosters the development of the whole person, and your Cardinal Transcript can be a record of this development for a potential employer or graduate school. Your Cardinal Transcript makes you more marketable and makes you stand out in any job search or graduate school application by presenting these experiences as part of your professional portfolio. You can also help potential employers and graduate schools recognize that you have distinguished yourself in leadership functions and self-development during your time as a member of our university community.

What type of activities should be included?
The Cardinal Transcript captures involvement including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Leadership Activities: This includes any leadership role in an organization, activity, or other program.
  • Professional or Leadership Development: This includes participation in any extracurricular learning experience, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, training programs, or campus organized volunteer service experiences.
  • Honors, awards, recognition: This includes any type of formal recognition of an individual for their co-curricular accomplishments.
  • Involvement: This includes membership in any student organization, group, or team.

Should my employment experience be included?
Employment experience is generally listed on a resume rather than a Cardinal Transcript, but each experience is different and if the position is connected to your educational experience but not part of an academic program (workstudy positions, internships for non-credit, etc.) this may be something that you want included. Contact the Office of Campus Activities if you would like to discuss adding these types of experiences to your Cardinal Transcript

Why should I worry about my Cardinal Transcript now if I'm not a Senior?
Experience with this program shows that by keeping your Cardinal Transcript up to date throughout your college career you'll find that the transcript is more complete and accurate. We encourage students to review their Cardinal Transcript once a semester or at least once a year.

How do I review my Cardinal Transcript?
Use the link on the right side of this page to see instructions on How to Review your Cardinal Transcript. You can review your Cardinal Transcript through Cardinal Station in real-time.

What if there is something missing or incorrect on my Cardinal Transcript?
The Office of Campus Activities works to ensure that all Cardinal Transcripts are up to date and accurate. By submitting a request for additions or modifications to your transcript by using the link to the right, the Office of Campus Activities will work with you to correct your Cardinal Transcript.

Who sends the Cardinal Transcript to prospective employers or graduate schools?
Using the links on the right you can request an official Cardinal Transcript. You would then be responsible for including your Cardinal Transcript with any job applications and graduate school applications you would like to.

What if I have other questions? If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact the Office of Campus Activities. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

Office of Campus Activities
  204 Pryzbyla Center

Current Students:

Current Students can now edit, view, and even print their own Cardinal Transcripts directly from The Nest. For assistance on how to access your Cardinal Transcript check out this great resource:

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